CFD Analysis is now Easier, Faster, Reliable and Accurate...

  • Pumps, Valves,
  • Compressors, Blowers
  • Fans, Propellers, Water Jets, Automotive
  • Turbomachinery, Turbines, Vacuums
  • Electric Motor & Hydrogen Applications
  • Heat Transfer, external flow and more

Faster Simulation Solutions For Your Business

Complex Geometries and Difficult Physics Handled Easily and Fast

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Fast • Reliable • Accurate

Simerics-MP is our high-end, very cost-effective simulation solution with extremely fast and accurate meshing and solving for Fluid Dynamics, Thermal and Multi-Physics problems. Catering to both the Analyst and Engineer, Simerics provides excellent ease-of-use and robust solving capabilities to many industries.

Setting New Standards for Performance

  • Up to 7x to 10x faster meshing
  • Up to 5x to 7x faster solving
  • Accuracy of 2% – 5% of physical tests
  • Unmatched Ease-of-Use
  • Little to no model prep required
  • Outstanding technical support
  • Affordable for SMBs

Flexibility and Performance for the Way you Work

Simerics-MP for Creo – Tightly integrated with Creo

Simerics-MP for NX – Tightly integrated with NX

Simerics-MP for SolidWorks

Simerics-MP for Autodesk® Fusion 360®

Simerics-MP (standalone) CAD Agnostic – any 3D CAD software includikng Inventor and Catia 



NEW!  Simerics-MP for Autodesk® Fusion 360®

Simerics is excited to offer Simerics-MP on Autodesk Fusion 36


Simerics-MP offers three variants designed for users of Autodesk® Fusion 360®. 

Simerics-MP has flow (internal, external, and a combination of both) and Thermal and Heat (conduction, convection).   Simerics-MP Plus adds Radiation, Moving/Sliding Mesh (rotating machinery, fans, blowers), Species and Particles (including erosion wear).   Simerics-MP Premium adds Multiphase, Cavitation, Multicomponent (gases of varying density) and Dynamics (fluids moving a solid). 


Fusion 360’s UI and models are used to make all of these physics functions together.  There are huge annual cost reductions when matching hardware prototypes in the quickest possible method. 

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