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Simerics-MP is a modern and user-friendly 3D CFD Simulation Environment. With Simerics-MP users can perform the complete CFD workflow within one GUI. Simerics-MP is based on a “Finite-Volume-Method” and provides a high degree of automation combined with innovative solutions and robustness. Less CAD preparation and an automated mesh generation speeds up your process. In addition, Simerics-MP provides an extremely fast simulation algorithm and MPI usability.

Simerics-MP is purpose-built for the Engineer/Designer.  We have taken the complexity out of virtual iterative prototyping with CFD software that has built-in proven high performance intelligent tools. The end-result is a CFD software with ultra-fast, accurate and robust solving capabilities

Simerics-MP addresses virtual testing of a wide scope of CFD applications including internal and external flow, electronics virtual models and performance prediction of pumps, motors, fans, compressors, turbines, valves, heat transfer equipment and complete fluid systems with rotating/sliding components.

Product offerings include a collection of core 3D CFD capabilities and physical modules that enable accurate virtual testing for multi-purpose applications involving fluids, heat transfer and fluid-structure interaction. Simerics-MP was developed using the latest in CFD architecture combined with proprietary algorithms and physical models.

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