What is ?

is a consulting service in which our expert Partners provide CFD and FEA analysis services to virtually test the performance and behaviour of your products. Working closely with your product development team(s), we perform the necessary work to provide the data you need, allow you to visualize the behaviour of your products, enhance design optimization efforts and shorten the product development cycle.

Who is it for?

is for companies that recognize the need, but do not have the expertise or resources to perform virtual product simulation and testing. Virtual simulation is most effective when performed early in the design cycle. It helps companies quickly understand and resolve and design issues. As well, companies that wish to optimize design and product performance can greatly benefit from these professional services.

What are the Benefits of Simulation / Analysis?

As compared to prototyping and physical testing, FEA and CFD produce a large amount of performance data in a short time, providing considerable time and cost savings. The ability to quickly analyze new designs and design iterations, lead to reduced time to project completion and earlier payment from clients.

Additionally, companies benefit from:

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