CFD Analysis

Rhino Flow-RT

Rhino users can now use CFD simulation software in real time as they model in Rhino by using Rhino Flow RT.  Rhino Flow-RT by Simerics enables external flow analysis that is extremely fast and easy to use. Results are presented in real-time. No fluid mechanics knowledge is required. 

McNeel and Simerics have combined the modeling strengths of Rhino with the Simerics-MP CFD strengths into one workflow and user interface in Rhino. This allows Rhino users to save thousands of dollars in hardware prototypes and fluid analysis outsourcing costs. It also reduces the number of design iterations and prototype cycles. Rhino Flow RT  provides the ability to view and explain to customers and colleagues how their design functions for the un-seeable physics in their models like velocity, pressure and additional natural phenomenon physics properties using Simerics-MP CFD.


Analysis of Most Types of External Flow including ...

Buildings - Single & Multiple

Wind Flow - Seattle Space Needle
Wind Flow - City Block ​
raw design
Wind Flow - City Block - Top View
transformer correction

Vehicles of any type - cars - trucks - sail boats

External Flow for Cars and Vehicle Components
constructed car
External Flow for Large Vehicles
electric truck
Wind Flow for Sail Design
twin square

Demonstration of Flow Analysis of City Block of Buildings

How to Use Rhino Flow-RT


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