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Turbo Machinery - Water Turbines - Propellers - Water Jets

  • CFD Simulation of  Turbo Machinery

SIMERICS-MP is the perfect CFD tool, to efficiently simulate and optimate your turbo machine.

Simerics-MP+ can be used to predict the performance of turbo machinery, water turbines, propellers and waterjets, including the effects of aeration and cavitation.

We provide an intuitive Graphical User Interface which results in a fast and automated mesh generation of your geometry. Beyond that, our fast calculation algorithm leads to the opportunity to speed-up your simulation time and increase your accuracy.

We are providing answers!

  1. Pump performance
  2. Pressure head
  3. Efficiency
  4. Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH)
  5. Prediction of cavitation
  6. Parasitic losses
  7. Blistering
  8. Shock wave behavior
  9. Leakage
  10. Axial thrust loads at multistage systems


  1. Simulation of bounded and non-bounded gases
  2. Cavitation prediction
  3. FAST simulation speed allows higher accuracy and/or simulation speed-up
  4. Simulation of complete operating envelope, also including shut-down
  5. Perfect handling of rotor-strator interface
  6. Gaps and really small clearances are meshable at high mesh quality
  7. Intuitive usage

Your advantage:

  1. Prediction of required pump performance with a margin of error <5%
  2. Less cavitation damages
  3. Design optimization after cavitation damage
  4. Definition of Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH)
  5. Definition of loads
  6. Leakage & loss prediction
  7. Less Shock waves and less acoustics


Design Issues/Benefits:​


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