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CFD Simulation of  Valves

With SIMERICS-MP, all types of valves can be simulated dynamically. The opening and closing characteristics are being calculated by solving the equations of motion in parallel. Therefore, the dynamic pressure distribution, spring forces and the mass of the moving components are taken into account.

 The goal of the simulation is the prediction of the valve opening pressure, volume flow, valve dynamics, valve coefficients, definition of loads or the prediction of cavitation and the according damage.

As a result of our FAST simulation algorithm, SIMERICS-MP offers the opportunity to simulate complete systems, consisting of valves, pumps or bearings.

Simerics-MP+ can be used to predict the performance of valves, including the cracking pressure, flow-rates, valve dynamics, valve loss coefficient, valve loads and cavitation damage in valves. Speed enables full transient simulations. (Testimonial)


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