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Simerics predicts the performance vehicle components in many ways including, but not limited to, complete fluid systems, pumps, valves, torque converters, gearboxes, turbochargers, turbomachinery, under-hood thermal management and aerodynamics (internal and external). Simerics also supports analyses for HVAC, tank/container sloshing/filling, plenum drainage, water fording, windshield de-icing etc.

External Flow - Aerodynamics

Simerics can be effectively used to predict external and internal (e.g. under-hood) aerodynamic drag and has been validated by comparison with classic data such as the Ahmed body. The advantage of using Simerics-MP+ for aerodynamics is the ease and ability of the general mesher to create a mesh, even for a “dirty” geometry, and the speed of the simulation which has been reported to be 10-30 times faster that the competition. (Testimonials)

Underhood Flow

Simerics can very effectively be used to provide accurate virtual testing for the analysis of the vehicle under-hood thermal management system, various performance parameters corresponding to the vehicle aerodynamics, HVAC etc. Multiphase vehicle applications include fuel tank sloshing/filling, plenum drainage, water fording, windshield de-icing etc.

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