VDC + 4D/5D Construction

Clash Detection & Clearance Analysis

Fuzor’s Interactive Clash analysis lets you check for interferences and clearance/proximity tolerances. Select buildings, systems or object types to check against each other, set your tolerance, and run your clash check. Fuzor will list all discovered clashes based on your set criteria and list them in the clash interface. Clicking on any clash in the list will transport you to that clash and highlight the clashing objects. For added visual clarity you can switch render modes, highlight active clashes, and isolate all clashes.

The Interactive Clash Management interface identifies those clashes have been viewed, not viewed and those that have been resolved. The interface also provides tag, due date, priority, assignee, and other fields for administrative purposes. If the clashing systems are under your review, you can resolve those clashes from within the Clash Management interface. If they are not, Fuzor’s Clash Manager lets you generate HTML and PDF reports that can be delivered to the responsible parties



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