VDC + 4D/5D Construction

Collaboration & Design Review

Fuzor’s unique real-time Peer to Peer Collaboration removes online speed bottlenecks and multiple location issues. Built-in functionality and the patented engine technology expedites the design and review process. The number of session guests is limitless.

The session host can make suggested design changes that guests can immediately see. Annotations are centralized so that all attendees can view and save them for later use. Measurement is supported.

​As host, attendees can be tethered to your avatar and be guided through the project. Alternatively, the host can switch to Free Roaming and guests can freely explore the project. Avatars are viewable by everyone whether using VR or not. To facilitate communications, a chat window and overhead chat bubbles are provided. Attendees can also place callout markers to highlight points of interest. To  converge and collaborate on an issue, attendees can click on a name in the roster and instantly move to that attendee avatar’s location. A report of the history of chats and annotations can be saved.



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